Ask the Vet: Small Furries 

What do I feed my Rabbit?

Rabbits are grass-eaters in the wild so a pet rabbit should get 95% good quality hay, supplemented by a couple of egg-cups full of complete pellet food like e.g. Excel rabbit food. You can give vegetables as treats but too much vegetables will make the rabbit overweight, which is not good for the gut-system.



My rabbit is not eating - What can I do?

If a rabbit is not eating, there is often an underlaying problem like dental problems, pain, gut stasis (when the guts stop moving) or stress. A rabbit which is not eating should be checked over by a vet.



How old can my rabbit get?

The average lifespan of a well-kept rabbit is six to eight years but have been known to live until ten or twelve years old.



Can I house a rabbit and a guinea pig together?

In theory yes, as long as you supplement the food with vitamin C for the guinea pig. They cannot make vitamin C themselves, so it needs to be supplemented in the diet. Added vitamin C is not harmful for the rabbit. Occasionally rabbits can bully guinea pigs, and if so, they need to be separated. Guinea pigs and rabbits are both companion animals and ideally should live in pairs.



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