Premier Health Plan 

At Town & Country Veterinary Group, we’ve designed our Premier Health Plan so that you as a pet owner can ensure your pets receive the very best quality preventative treatments, through a simple monthly direct debit. The concept of spreading the annual cost of household bills is a regular and well recognised feature of our daily lives – why should the essential preventative treatments for your pet be any different?

Extra benefits of the plan include discounts on many other products and services at the practice. Talk to one of our team for more information and sign up by completing a simple form.

The plan provides your pet with:

  • Two complete health check consultations to include the following:
    • General health
    • Ears
    • Eyes
    • Skin & coat
    • Weight
    • Teeth
    • Nail length
    • Microchip check
  • Annual booster vaccinations
  • Worming treatments (sufficient for 12 months)
  • Flea treatments (sufficient for 12 months)

PLUS ... Special offers and discounts for Town & Country Premier Health Plan members

10% discount on the normal cost of:

  • Neutering
  • X-rays
  • PETS Passport Scheme 
  • Dental (scale & polish only)
  • Pre-anaesthetic bloods

15% discount on the normal cost of:

  • Kennel Cough vaccination 
  • Microchipping
  • Non-prescription foods

Prevention is better than cure!

Our practice membership scheme has been set up to enable you to spread the cost of routine preventative health care. This allows us to provide you with the support you need to keep your pet fit and healthy year after year. It allows us to administer the appropriate vaccines, wormers and flea treatments at the correct time with minimal financial impact to you, the owner.

In addition, a thorough clinical examination allows us to carefully assess the general health of your pet and offer advice, support and treatment planning, which in many cases can prevent problems arising in the future.

How to register

The Premier Health Plan is easy to join. All you need to do is complete a simple agreement form with your information including your banking details. All subsequent payments are made through a monthly direct debit.

For further information or an agreement form, please speak to our reception team. 

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